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JHM Consultancy study destinations

Australia is a safe, affordable study destination with highly regarded education institutions.

For more than 9 years, JHM Consultancy has played a major role in developing international education.

With affordable tuition fees, post-study work options and quality institutions, it is no surprise that Canada is fast becoming a leading destination for international students.

From strong international rankings and expert teaching staff to world-class facilities and a rich pool of natural resources, New Zealand is popular amongst international students seeking a secure study environment and outdoor lifestyle.

International students are attracted to study in the UK because of the high quality of the education system and the respect accorded to British qualifications throughout the world. The UK is also where the English language first developed.

More international students study in the USA than any other country, and for good reason. While many of the world’s top institutions are in the USA, there are also 4,500 universities and colleges offering an education that can lead to career success.